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Meet the Team: Jessica Latham-Warde

Wednesday, 31 October 2018 14:06:25 Europe/London

Clay Pigeons, Planting Trees and Dreams of a Cotswold Home

We recently sat down with our Rosara manager Jess to have a little chat and get to know her better

Jess at Chatsworth 2017

So Jess, I understand you have been with Nicholsons for a while; could you let us know a little bit about what you were doing before you took charge of Rosara? 

Gosh it seems like a lifetime ago! I started working with a team planting large trees – lots of organising diggers, cranes and concrete breakers. Then when the concept of Rosara was born, I was brought in to help run the day to day logistics. Now, we have a small team split into Buying, Marketing, Warehousing and Styling. Rosara is a fast-paced company, it’s always buzzing with new items, concepts and customers so there is never a dull moment!

The Team at Chatsworth 2017

Now Rosara has seen some pretty great success, what would be your personal highlight?

The shows are my firm highlights each year – seeing a stand coming together is so exciting, and then being out meeting customers as well as visiting some beautiful places. Hampton Court Palace, Blenheim Palace, Chatsworth House… Come rain or shine, this is by far my favourite bit of the job!  

 Ok so moving away from your work life, I hear you have a very rural Oxfordshire type hobby, could you let us know what that is?

I dabble in a bit of clay pigeon shooting!

  So how did you get into shooting?

I am generally quite a competitive person, so after having a couple of go’s for friend’s birthdays I really started to love the challenge. It requires concentration, self-discipline and perseverance. What better than being outside on a cold winter’s day, wellies on partaking in a bit of light hearted competition…

So If the Rosara story was adapted into a book/film what genre would it fall under and who do you see playing you?

So I am thinking Superhero film… Saving the world from ugly furniture!

Ok quick fire round, Go: Early bird or night owl?

Night owl… Until 11pm.


What is for your favourite flower, Plant or Tree?

I can’t choose so flower: Large White Alliums; and tree: Catalpa bignonioides or a knarly olive tree.

 What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Don’t worry about what people think of you.

 Which historical figure would you most like to have dinner with and why?

I never liked History… But one story that stuck in my mind from a university lecture was of Alfred Wegener. A German scientist who made 4 expeditions to unknown territories in the North pole, and was rejected for his theory on tectonic plates. I would love to tell him that he was in fact correct and The Wegener theory is now part of school syllabuses all over the world!

So In 5 years’ time where do you see yourself and/or Rosara?

In 5 years, hopefully I’ll have a family home in the Cotswolds, a couple of Cocker Spaniels and have perfected cooking a Sunday Roast dinner (which I have never made!). I would love in 5 years’ time for Rosara to have a few select shops in the UK – with a unique range of high quality products that make people excited when they come in – inspiring people and offering something new. That’s what I’m passionate about.



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End of summer and how to save items from damage

Friday, 12 October 2018 15:35:03 Europe/London

CHARLBURY OAK STOOLSadly. I have failed to find a stirring song or poem about oak, teak or aluminium to get you excited. Unsurprisingly, there is nothing very lyrical or poetic about protecting your furniture. It is, quite frankly, an essential part of ensuring your furniture looks good and lasts longer. Who doesn’t want to save money? So, follow the advice in this blog, and you may have that little bit extra to splash on your next purchase.


Oak is a strong, heavy and durable wood. It is also very dense which makes it usefully resistant to fungal attack. Thanks to these properties, as well as its attractive light colour and grain markings, oak is commonly used for outdoor furniture which makes it important that we know how to protect it.

Fun facts:

Point for high alert:

OakFor those of you who have spotted some splits and cracks in your ‘Charlbury Oak stool’ and ‘Long Compton Oak Table’ DO NOT FRET! These cracks are normal and wholly natural. 

Just to remind you, here at Nicholson’s we have a 3-year warranty on all of our oak furniture so if you do discover a true structural fault bring the item back to us and we will either fix it or provide you with a new one. 

Top tips on how to protect oak:

This is outdoor furniture material royalty. Oak is actually a very low-maintenance material and it is not necessary to treat them. We recommend letting the oak weather naturally by leaving it untreated, which will weather to a silver colour. Alternatively to retain the honey colour of the oak, you can treat annually with Osmo oil. Hand-washing oak with soapy water prevents algae build up. Make sure you don’t leave the oak to soak. You get out what you put in people!


Fun Facts:

Teak is one of nature’s most durable woods. Due to its natural oils and minerals, this is a repellent against insects, as well as being weather resistant. 

Furniture made of teak can be left out over the year but we recommend keeping it covered when it isn’t being used just to be extra careful. Make sure you keep airflow under the cover though- it isn’t just living things that need to breathe. As with the oak, the colour will silver if left untreated. 


This is a strong, versatile and environmentally sustainable material. There is a lot of chemistry behind this, involving big words like oxidisation, which I won’t go into (I seriously struggled through GCSE Chemistry). All you need to know is that this is a great material for garden furniture.

Fun facts:

Maintenance of this material is very low. Our chairs are made from powder coated with die-cast aluminium so they can be left outdoors all year long, and all they need is just a wipe down with a soapy clean soft sponge. How easy is that!

Remember the 2-year guarantee if you find a structural fault with your purchase. We always love to see our customers again, even if it is to fix something!

So, follow these easy, fool-proof methods and you will maintain wonderfully coloured and clean garden furniture! 

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Don't give up on BBQ season yet!

Tuesday, 18 September 2018 10:07:14 Europe/London

We’ve all heard of Heston Blumenthal, world-renowned for his rule-breaking, creative and scientific cooking. From egg and bacon ice cream and meat fruit, to edible fairy lights and snail porridge, he has created some wonderfully deceptive and unusual recipes.

Heston Blumenthal recipe 1Heston Blumenthal recipe 2









A little more usual, but equally delicious, are Heston’s steak with wild garlic chimichurri and honey-mustard pork ribs and we have the pleasure here at Rosara of selling his new range of barbeques. Heston worked closely with designers and engineers to create this innovative new range of the perfect modern barbeque. Never one to do things by the book, he has used the latest technology and design to enable anyone who loves barbeque cooking to add a flair to their outdoor performance and show off their barbeque skills!

‘Over 20 years I’ve learnt how to get the best out of ingredients. By incorporating some of my favourite techniques into these designs, I’ve created what some might call a 3 Michelin star barbeque range’  Heston

BBQ product Shot

We are now offering 20% off all items for a limited time only so come on over and grab one of these pieces of stylish cooking equipment crafted with precision, skill and creativity. Whether you are, or know, one of those guys who loves to flex their muscles with the burger turner and brag to friends and family about their skill at cooking ‘perfect’ medium-rare ribs, these barbeques are an ideal purchase for you.

We all know that pre-summer party stress when the barbeque isn’t heating up fast enough and the raw burger patties and sausages are waiting painstakingly on the side. Avoid this by bagging one of these efficient and lightning-fast barbeques at a Rosara reduced price. From the quick-starting charcoal Hub that is ready to cook in 10 minutes, to the even faster gas-fired furnace ready to cook in just 5 minutes, these machines are no slow-coaches.

Ideal for family trips to sunny Devonshire beaches or a more adventurous camper-van tour around Europe, we are even offering the portable Cube barbeque which enables easy charcoal cooking on the go. With its built-in heat protection shield to prevent any nasty burns and availability in a range of contemporary colours, this barbeque will make any holiday-goer stand out fashionably from the crowd.

Just because work has now commenced and there’s no longer a 2-week trip to Portugal on the horizon doesn’t mean you need to put your barbeque away in the dusty garden shed. We are expecting some wonderful September evenings so come over to buy one of these barbeques and get everyone together for a stress-free, jolly evening of perfectly-cooked meat and fish.

Using these barbeques, you don’t need to cook Heston’s advanced ham with maple-mustard glaze or his Jamaican turkey with chorizo stuffing to create a delicious dinner. Even just the bog-standard burger with melted cheddar, lettuce and tomato will taste all the more delicious if you can cook it to perfection and feel at ease whilst doing so!

If you want to perfect the art of outdoor cooking and enjoy some quality time with friends and family, the purchase of one of these barbeques at a 20% sale price is a must. Click here to have a look at the range. You won’t be able to resist one of these swanky items!


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Sun sun sun

Thursday, 5 July 2018 15:23:08 Europe/London

Now I’m going to stick my neck out here, and say that summer has arrived. (Fingers crossed I haven’t jinxed the weather for the rest of the summer)! ,

Forget about bringing the outside in! To make the most of your outside space you need to treat it as another room and take the inside out.

Liz's Hammock

The time has come to move outside, arrange the garden furniture, buy a hammock maybe? Bring out the cushions and lanterns then sit back and enjoy that glass of Rosé.

Mediterranean feel

Keep it informal, adding vintage finds, thoughtfully placed lanterns, flowers and throws to create an eclectic relaxed feel.

Pick up a rug for all seasons, in-store at Rosara. The current trend in these polypropylene rugs, which are terrific for high-traffic areas, and muddy messes are also hoseable, scrubbable, bleachable and UV-treated for outdoor use. Aside from looking great, these woven rugs will stand up to most foot and paw tread both inside and out!

Pop into rosara and be inspired!

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Meet the Manufacturers - Fleur Enser

Tuesday, 19 June 2018 11:12:19 Europe/London

Fleur had always wanted to be a potter, but as life would have it she was sent on a different adventure, training first as a fashion designer and then juggling 4 children along with working from home. She has made wedding dresses, designed greeting cards and her creative flair also stretched to interior design. 

Forty years on she has achieved her initial dream - potting happily in North Oxfordshire!

Her ceramic designs are made to compliment interior schemes and be used around the house.

“I hope my work can be inspirational, but also practical; not so special that it becomes too precious but useful and enjoyable.”

Come and see her wonderful creations for yourself, displayed in our showroom...

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Meet the Manufacturers - Indonesia

Monday, 18 June 2018 15:10:40 Europe/London

After years of feeling frustrated that they couldn’t find quite the “right” look, Liz and her team got the drawing board out and designed their own outdoor collection. This elegant, but robust range of teak garden furniture was brought to production in a small sustainable factory in Jepara (Indonesia)

Following the ecological footprint, when considering manufacturers, ensures that Rosara is a vanguard retailer on trend with today's’ ethical principles.

Deforestation accounts for an estimated 17 per cent of global carbon emissions created, more than from all the worlds’ air, road, rail and shipping traffic combined. (The Ethical Organisation Company Ltd)

We all know that living forests are vital to mitigating climate change because they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, nowadays the small factories exporting to the EU are signed up and have the SVLK accreditation required by Indonesian law.

Freddie, our furniture designer has been visiting this creative group of furniture makers since 2016 and has forged a strong friendship with the family-run company he works within Jepara, Central Java.  


Responsibility for logistics, warehousing and general admin is taken care of by 3 brothers whilst packaging and storage is run by a team of women, old and young working side by side. There is regular communication with the team in Jepara, discussing designs and checking the authenticity of the SVLK endorsement. This means customers can be certain that the Bruern and Henley ranges, part of the Rosara collection of outdoor furniture, are manufactured from legally harvested wood... sit back and relax!

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Meet the Manufacturers - Italy

Monday, 11 June 2018 07:53:45 Europe/London

The Italian collection at Nicholsons…for everywhere, every day and every season…..

Why we love it…………..simplicity, beauty, and comfort, a collaboration of craftsmen and designers with the help of technological innovation to create a sophisticated collection that challenges previous notions of “traditional” outdoor furniture.


When Liz Nicholson first saw the Montpellier chair in Châteaux de Gourdon, conveniently stacked away for winter – stylish and chic … with an edge of modern as a contrast to the ancient venue – she realised it would suit all palettes’.  A quick phone call to the buyers back in the office and the hunt was on to track the manufactures down…

Established 23 years ago in Brescia, by the Levrangi family whose initial core business was in smelting non-ferrous Mont Extmetals,

 the family saw an opportunity to create more versatile solutions to outdoor furnishings, made with aluminium so they would be durable and robust enough to stand the test of time.

Last year saw the Montpellier chair sitting comfortably alongside oak and teak tables in the Rosara range, works of art in their own right that work both inside and out. The design draws its’ inspiration from the shapes found in nature.  “Nature teaches us”, explains Robby Cantarutti, one of the designers.

Building on the success of the Montpellier chairs our buyers have new designs, new colours, and a selection of tables.

The highly versatile Montpellier Grand Table, in stock at Rosara comes in powder grey and metallic grey.

The extendable version comes with an extra 50cm extension in the same colour housed beneath the table top, if you are hosting a crowd you can request, the second extension in a different colour.

View the full collection here...

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A Royal Month

Tuesday, 1 May 2018 11:28:31 Europe/London

The papers are full of it! May the 19th…The Royal Wedding.

Flowers, plants and foliage tend to play a big part in creating the tone of a wedding. As the historic day approaches, the much-anticipated wedding of Britain's Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has people around the world buzzing with excitement.

Beech, birch and hornbeam have been selected by Meghan Markle, alongside garden roses, peonies and foxgloves, for a free-flowing creative design. We thought it was very apt for us to comment on this as the three tree species she has chosen are very popular to buy.

If you are soon to be tying the knot or perhaps wondering what to give as a wedding present for an upcoming celebration, why not think more ‘outside’ the box for inspiration?

Riviera Set

Here at Nicholsons we have thoughtfully created a selection of ‘Wedding Gift’ ideas, this has been put together to inspire you. Either these items could be bought as a gift, but alternatively, you could ask your guests to contribute to one or more of these. To do this we have set up a system through which you can register with us and any of your guests who wish to contribute can add to the value. Then we can present you with a gift voucher that you can then spend in any part of the business. Maybe you wish for a new garden, some trees, a coffee or a beautiful Rosara bench?

 I take a wander outside at Nicholson’s to compile my list of ‘Wedding Gift’ ideas for you…

In keeping with the ‘wedding-theme’, just outside the door at Nicholsons, there is a rather aptly named small tree. A perfect gift for a soon-to-be happy couple that is certain to take them back to their special day every time it flowers in the spring.

“The Bride” (Exochorda x macrantha) - £42.95Exorchada

Commonly known as ‘The Bride’ or ‘The Pearl bush’, this majestic flowering shrub stays true to its name producing masses of white, pearl-like flower buds at the beginning of April. When coming into flower the buds resemble pearls amongst the weeping branches, it doesn’t get more appropriate does it?!

Of course, there are loads of other amazing trees and shrubs here - from roses to viburnum, Kumquat trees, Olive trees, and I know I keep harping on about them…but the Japanese cloud trees are simply stunning!

Olive Trees - From Young to VeteranOlive Tree

The Olive Tree is one of the oldest cultivated trees in history. The beautiful silvery-grey evergreen foliage was often used to make wreaths for a bride and groom - hence it is in my list of wedding gift suggestions. Usually seen growing in pots they are robust but may need a little extra warmth if the temperature plummets!



The Cube BBQ - £149Cube BBQ

This is definitely one of those things you didn’t know you wanted, that is…until you set eyes on it! Perfect for those romantic picnics and totally portable to Hyde Park or the Cotswolds. Heston Blumenthal isn’t just a chef, he is the name behind this innovative barbecue from Everdure.




Rosara Heart Bench - £435Heart Bench

Back to romance with the 1900 Bench, this bench is part of a range that is steeped in history, inspired by the long French tradition of romantic parks, gardens and bandstands since the turn of the century. A perfect perch for a moment with one’s significant other!




Rosara Dovecotes – from £95 (three Dovecotedifferent sizes)

We think these structures look great with or without the doves in residence, but add the doves (messengers of peace and love) and you have another dreamy gift!




Pink Espresso Cup & Saucer - £9.95Pink Espresso Cup

‘Pretty in pink’ but also come in Mushroom and Fennel colours.
Artisan handmade and dishwasher safe. For a double espresso or macchiato,
these coffee cups will be well-fitting for either!




Glasses - £6.95 & £3.95Glasses

Delicate but not fragile, these glasses are mouth-blown, making each
one unique, and most importantly, they go in the dishwasher!




Rosara Double Deckchair - £176Deckchair

Sit back, relax and enjoy a summer drink whilst lounging in one of our
bespoke Rosara deckchairs. Perfect for enjoying some alone time in a single,
or celebrating company with a double deckchair.



Happy Celebrating to all.

Until next time,

Kate x




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Rosara's new outdoor display area - Clarence

Thursday, 12 April 2018 08:33:48 Europe/London


Rosara's new outdoor display area - Clarence

Style guru Kate walks you through Rosara's new Outdoor display area...

There is a spring in my step as I walk through Rosara to the new outside garden furniture showroom, a work in progress, situated in what we Nicholson’s folk fondly refer to as “Clarence”.

Clarence is the polytunnel that used to house some of our plants and trees here at Nicholsons and is now our "piece de resistance” showing off numerous furniture combinations in garden settings amongst olive and citrus trees, and my absolute favourites - cloud trees!

Don't think of this as a shopping experience, but more like being on holiday in Tuscany!

With the hive of activity that has been going on, things are now beginning to take shape; it's so exciting!  Strolling up and down, my eyes are drawn this way and that as I take an inspirational trip - gathering ideas for my own outside project at the rear of my house. I can't call it a garden yet, but Rosara is the place to come for the "indoor/ outdoor" living look, and it's a far cry from the old deck chairs and UVPC furniture thank goodness! (I wouldn't expect anything else though...)

Essentially, this is a garden lovers heaven; but you don’t have to be a green-fingered gardening fanatic to enjoy this “Shangri-la” says she, who definitely is not. Of course, those true gardening gurus won't be disappointed either.


As I walk, I come across the "Long Compton" part of our Rosara collection, with curved oak struts and solid legs. This is a stylish table with a modern twist. Crafted in oak, the Long Compton is narrower than most; I do like to be able to hear what my opposite neighbour is saying. But immediately a small voice pops into my head - "hold your horses Kate”. Had I not replaced my old rickety table last year, this would have been the “one".

The Compton is paired with Montpellier chairs in metallic grey (also available in white), powder-coated and totally weatherproof, they are stunning and surprisingly comfortable.

Moving on through Clarence, nestled at the end, I find this super cool swinging seat known as the “The Egg Chair”. Swing, snuggle or sip your G & T in it and enjoy the spring bulbs popping up around the garden…tempting and teasing us with the thought of the warmer days to come - if you have space indoors it would make a cool addition to any open plan living area and a great conversation piece! That's if you manage to bag a slot in it, it will undoubtedly be popular with the teenagers of the house!

For a more relaxed dining solution, and totally conversation inducing, there is an obvious option, the “Porto" stylish circular seating for up to 10 is a whitewash set that includes a round table, two curved benches and a sofa.


If you are off to Aintree for the Grand National or Badminton Horse Trials, you won’t need an excuse to pop this barbecue into the car boot for easy cooking on the go. The portable barbecue from Everdure by Heston Blumenthal is just the ticket.

Made from lightweight durable steel, a food grade storage tray and bamboo preparation board are cleverly integrated into the design. The Cube can be used almost anywhere and with a built-in heat protection shield, the chrome handles remain cool to touch, even while cooking - don’t worry! Despite the elaborate reputation of the creator – do feel free to cook the simplest of meals on them, even just plain sausages!

Pop into Rosara to see the gas and charcoal full-sized versions available in graphite, khaki, and orange.

That's all for now.

 Kate x

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Rosara introduces A Pop of Colour

Thursday, 1 March 2018 15:00:46 Europe/London

Luxembourg Set

A Pop of Colour

Style guru Kate gives a sneak peek at the new trend for spring and an introduction to our colourful new collection...

Here we are on the first day of spring, with snow still on the ground and a bite in the air, we can only hope for warmer, dryer, longer days, please…

I can’t wait to climb out of the depths of comfort food and endless hours of watching just another episode of The Crown... so addictive!

So here at Rosara, we are embracing the promise of spring. We aim to inspire and wow you with garden furniture and add a pop of colour to your gardens.

Our new French garden furniture collection with its palette of Mediterranean inspired colours is certain to add a little joie de vivre to your outdoor living spaces.  

Pop of Colour

Choose subtle dashes or big bold splashes, this armchair from the 1900 range in praline pink (a pink candy found in Lyonnaise’s praline tarts), invites you to stop for a moment and listen to nature and cocoon yourself in peace and tranquillity.

The neat roundtable from the Opera range, here in deep blue, is perfect for a classic or ultra contemporary setting. Mix and match the colours to create your look. Cup of tea or Cappuccino? You can buy the pretty cups in store, just ask for the ‘indigo drop’ range.Louisiane bench

Go forth and boldly plant the Louisiane bench in carrot, its timeless shape and sturdy slats provide a perfect seat, smart and slightly flashy with a contemporary feel that looks at home in any outdoor setting. If you want a more subtle approach, opt for the rosemary and plum shades, found within both the culinary and artistic culture from around the Mediterranean. For a sleek, formal look, anthracite is always a strong and trusted choice.

We love our new cushions and throws. Team the grey jacquard design with the Louisiane bench in carrot and grab the 100% cotton, machine washable, lightweight blankets,  perfect to wrap up on chilly spring mornings while inspecting the veg patch or contemplating the day ahead!

Speak soon... Kate x

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