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Upcycling your Christmas “excess”

Monday, 7 January 2019 14:15:03 Europe/London

Upcycling your Christmas “excess”

The frantic busyness and hangover of Christmas is over and the house may be a little messy from all this Christmas fallout. As expected, the kid's old toys are out, and the new ones are in, Christmas cards are piling up and it’s time for a New Year clear out. A perfect time for Upcycling?

Our Kadai Range

Maybe it’s a generational thing but I have not been part of the upcycle culture….up until now…. but now I do. Upcycling is the process of reusing/recycling old ‘things’ and giving them a better use and/or purpose, ideal for those of us who have the creativity. Upcycling has most definitely come back into the fold with the importance of the environment, saving the planet and making use of the resources we already have. Rosara is already a big fan of upcycling, you just have to take a look at our Kadai range which upcycles steel oil drums from India. It has worked for us, so we thought we would help you out and give some creative suggestions on how to reuse your Christmas clutter.

1) Christmas Cards: This is a major part of Christmas and I get it, during the holidays this Christmas expression of love between family and friends is great! However, post-New Year’s, cards start to be like litter! Instead of just whacking them into the recycling bin, you could re-use them in a different way. Top results are Christmas bookmarks or Gift Tags or even next year’s decorations. With the simple use of some scissors and glue, you could be all set for next year!

2) Old Toys: The post-Christmas clear out of the kid's toys is quite possibly the best (and easiest) time to get rid of those toys cluttering up the house. But this year why not try to make those toys into drawer knobs, a toothbrush holder or my personal favourite, the Dino iPhone tripod – what a shame I don’t have kids!

3) Bad Clothes: Although you always love the thought and care put into a gift, sometimes as much as you want to love them, it’s just not going to happen. Clothes often can hang around in the back of the wardrobe and tend to stay there until a clear out a year or two later. Why not use this clothing creatively and make into something unique and wearable all year round. There are countless options from skirts to t-shirt tank tops right up to hats and scarfs, the options are limitless! Why not check out the Sewing Loft ‘100 ways to upcycle’.


An alternative that isn’t really upcycling but a way to give back to the local community is donating these toys and clothes to a good home. Below are my top 3 places locally pop down and donate.

1)    Salvation Army – As one of UK’s leaders in supporting and caring for those who are struggling. By the simple donation of clothes, it can make a real difference to those who need it.

2)    Oxford (Children’s) Hospitals Charity – As the charity helping the JR, it plays a vital part in supporting staff and children. Just like Helen & Douglas House, the Children's Oxford Hospitals charity is always on the hunt for new toys.

3)    Helen & Douglas House – One of Oxford’s best and most important charities. All children love to play and for those being helped by Helen and Douglas house, it is all the more important.

4)    Helen Hodgkins Trust – As a relatively unknown charity, Helen Hodgkins Trust has been providing clean drinking water to 1000’s of Ghana’s over the past 5 years. They have a special emphasis on helping children and any toys or clothes will go to a good cause.


And just saying if you are given a Bridget Jones like Christmas jumper – can you send it my way?

Written by Chris Ash (Nicholsons’ best coffee brewer)

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Friday, 21 December 2018 13:44:21 Europe/London

We know you’ll currently be busy making stuffing, attending drinks parties and wrapping presents so we want to keep this short and sweet. Merry Christmas! 4 days from Christmas Eve and the streets are packed with last-minute shoppers, stair bannisters are adorned with tinsel and holly wreaths are beaming from our doors. We hope you are feeling as calm as possible in the festive frenzy and are making some wonderful memories with family and friends. If you’re hosting a big Christmas at yours, don’t panic. Burnt turkeys and family feuds make it all the more entertaining! 

Underneath all of our modern-day consumerism, remember what Christmas is all about; bringing the family together to celebrate the year and each other.

We have really valued your fun, friendship and support this year so and look forward to Health and Happiness in 2019

Merry Christmas from all at Rosara, The Yurt and Nicholsons.

P.S. Don't forget that Nicholson's (and Rosara) close tomorrow from 4.30pm and open again on the 2nd of January. The Yurt will re-open on the 17th of January.

Rosara HQ in Winter


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Weird and wonderful Christmas Traditions

Wednesday, 5 December 2018 16:18:54 Europe/London

Weird and wonderful Christmas traditions

What are England’s favourite Christmas traditions? Easy; from glittery Christmas cards wishing a ‘Merry Christmas’, to a plate of carrots, mince pies and a glass of sherry left out on Christmas Eve for Father Christmas and his reindeer, we have distinct and culturally-engrained rituals. The classic roast turkey with stuffing and sprouts followed by Christmas pudding is a must. Although each family has their own personal traditions, Britain’s overall traditions are clear and, I’d say, fairly conventional. There are some far wackier global Christmas traditions out there that are a far stretch from our basic carols and crackers.

Day of the Little Candles, Colombia

Antique Nickel Kudia

This tradition is rooted in the Catholic Church because it is a celebration of the Immaculate Conception. Held on December 7th, celebrants place paper lanterns and candles on their windowsills, porches, balconies, streets and public places in the evening in order to honour the Virgin Mary. Some of the best light displays are found in Quimbaya where neighbourhoods compete for the most impressive arrangements. The following day the lights are extinguished and all houses hoist white flags with the Virgin’s image to fly all day. For Colombians, this begins the Christmas season.

The Yule Lads in Iceland

Unlike most traditions which involve a single Father Christmas figure, Icelandic children are lucky enough to be visited by 13 Yule Lads. Children leave a shoe in their bedroom window each evening in the 13 days before Christmas. Every night one Yuletide lad visits, leaving either sweets and small gifts or rotting potatoes depending on how the child has behaved the day before. Each lad has an individual bizarre name and quality, such as ‘Door-Slammer’, ‘Meat-hook’ and ‘Spoon-licker.’ Other Icelandic folklore even states that every Icelander must receive a new piece of clothing for Christmas or they will find themselves in mortal danger. An enormous black cat prowls around the country on Christmas Eve and eats anyone who doesn’t follow the rule. How bizarre is that! 

The Gävle goat in Sweden

In 1966 a man named Stig Gavlén decided to design a giant version of the traditional Swedish Christmas straw goat to attract customers to shops and restaurants. Since then, all 13 metres of it have been erected every year and it has made it into the Guinness Book of Records for being the world’s largest straw goat. It takes a whole truck full of straw from the local village of Mackmyra to build it. No easy feat. Unfortunately, its construction has led in itself to a rather destructive tradition of people trying to burn it down. Since 1966 the goat has been burned down 29 times. In 1970 it was burned down 6 hours after construction! It is now possible to follow the progress of the goat by watching a live video stream on the Visit Gävle website. That is truly weird.

Philippines Giant Lantern Festival

This festival is held in the city of San Fernando, ‘The Christmas capital of the Philippines’, on December 17th. It consists of a stunningly colourful display of lanterns made by the locals. Originally, the lanterns were simple, made from origami paper and lit by candle. Now, however, the creation is far more complex. Usually made with bamboo frames, steel, coloured plastics or fibreglass as well as homemade paper, they also involve more than 5,000 coloured light bulbs and hundreds of wires to make them colourful and vibrant. Eleven villages (‘barangays’) take part in the festival and the competition is intense as everyone tries to build the most intricate lantern. This certainly goes above and beyond our humble Christmas tree displays with twinkly white lights. If only we were able to marvel at this show of kaleidoscope beauty!

These traditions make our candy canes, chocolate Yule logs and calendars seem dull! Yet, for us, they are treasured parts of our cultural identity. Who could get through a Christmas in England without munching on a mince pie or belting out a classic carol like ‘Come all ye faithful’? Our traditions probably seem just as weird to people in Sweden, the Phillipines and Iceland as theirs do to us. Each to their own, I’d say.

Beckley Lantern

The North Aston LanternSanta Claus'sThe North Aston Lantern






Written By Immy Higgins

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Christmas @ Nicholsons: Part Two

Wednesday, 28 November 2018 13:40:01 Europe/London

Christmas @ Nicholsons: Part Two

November is drawing to a close, which means one thing. Advent calendars are just round the corner! As the Christmas celebrations grow ever closer, we want to get you in a joyful, festive mood. And what better way to do so than with a Christmas Fair!

Our annual Christmas fair is happening THIS SATURDAY (Dec 1st)  and it's time to reveal the full details. Open from 10am until 6pm, this festive event will celebrate local arts and crafts and seasonal food with its thrilling bonanza of stalls.

Christmas @ Nicholsons

The fair is a perfect opportunity to begin your Christmas shopping, if it isn’t already, and pick up some delightful gifts with ease. For art-enthusiasts, we have the charming French artist Anne Marie Lerprette selling her colourful and abstract prints, paintings and photographs. Her love of pattern is complimented by the inspiration she takes from maps, signs and symbols to create some exciting and vibrant pieces. For alcohol-lovers, Cotswold distillery is selling their dry gin, single malt whiskey and cream liqueur. Ensuring the highest quality ‘from grain to glass’, this elite company creates outstanding natural spirits, crafted with delicious flavour in every bottle. The ideal gift for someone with an appreciation for good booze.

For those with a passion for fashion, we have a range of clothing stalls available, including the men’s shirt company Irvine. Boasting a floral signature style with eye-catching, original design on every item, these shirts are great for enlivening a pair of plain chinos. the stock ranges from daring, jazzy shirts in full bloom to those with a more subtly floral yet fabulous look. So there’s a choice for everyone! As the founder Alisdair Irvine says, no one ever says to someone that their white shirt looks good. Spice up a loved one’s wardrobe with one of Irvine’s hand-tailored, ethically made shirts!

For food fanatics there is no end of choice. At Shelley Chocolates stall you can grab some mouth-watering, handmade chocolates, great as party gifts and stocking fillers. Lovingly made in the local village of Kirtlington, these luxury treats vary from classy hazelnut pralines to amaretto-infused truffles. Who can resist!  

Christmas @ Nicholsons

Believe it or not, I’ve only named a few of the stalls at the fair. There’ll also be tempting Italian Christmas specialities, such as panforte, panettone and biscotti, available to buy as well as local British honey and honey-infused spirits. Any sweet tooth will be satisfied that’s for sure. We also have some more unusual stalls with unique gifts on offer. Witches Britches is selling hand crafted ladies bloomers, petticoats, socks and stockings and SAYA Design offers unconventional hair slides, sticks and forks created from root wood salvaged in Indonesian plantations. You can go basic or bold. Simple or unusual. There’s a gift for everyone, from toddles to teens to great-grannies.For those who like to be beauty-pampered, you can find an excellent gift. The Perfumed Workshop is setting up a stall to display its fragrant luxuries including aromatherapy candles, organic perfumes, essential oils, bath salts and room sprays. Thoroughly opposed to synthetic and commercial perfumes, the founder Nicholas Jennings explored, trained and tested organic fragrances in the south of France, ensuring all products use organically certified essential oils.  Further beauty products are available to indulge in at the Ila Spa stand. The Christmas candle, incense, aroma rollers, room spray and bath salts on sale are all designed in the hope to nourish and relax the user. Ila is the ancient Sanskrit word for Mother Earth which captures the priority of this company to create wholly organic products. The intent is to nurture beyond the skin surface and leave the customer smelling, and feeling, good. Go on, your loved ones deserve it.

If you get peckish whilst shopping, and want to avoid shamefully eating any of the treats you’ve bought as gifts for others, the Yurt Café will be open for your pleasure. The Busy Bean coffee van will also be on hand to reinvigorate your shopping energy and, if you want to grab something to eat and keep browsing the stalls, treat yourself to some delicious takeaway food from Pollock’s van. It will, inevitably, be an event full of hustle and bustle. But we want to add a second dimension to the noise of shoppers and sellers and upcoming singer song-writer Dolly Mavies will be playing some of her beautifully lyrical songs. Described by Radio 6 music as ‘breathtakingly atmospheric’, her soulful, heart-rending voice will guide you peacefully through the stalls.

This is a wonderful event for all the family. Children can wander freely and adults can get down to some shopping without enduring heaving high-streets and chaotic, messy shops. A must-attend event here at Nicholsons!

Christmas @ Nicholsons

Christmas @ NicholsonsChristmas @ NicholsonsChristmas @ Nicholsons


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Christmas @ Nicholsons: Part one

Friday, 23 November 2018 13:01:59 Europe/London

Christmas @ Nicholsons: Part One...

Christmas @ Nicholsons

Tis’ the season to be jolly. We’ve all heard the Christmas songs on the radio for nearly a month now, the TV is full of Christmas ads and suddenly everything becomes that little more hectic. Well Christmas only comes once a year, so we all try to make the most, as best we can! Now approaching the end of November, Christmas presents is the main thing on most people’s mind. You see, we know this and wanted to give you some hints as to what to expect from Nicholson’s and Rosara this Christmas.

Firstly, we suggest you get out your diaries and write this one in; Nicholson’s Christmas fair is on Saturday the 1st of December open from 10am to 6pm.

As you’d expect, we’ll have a wide variety of stalls, offering some stunning arts and crafts, delicious food and drink, and unique clothing. This is the place to get your Christmas shopping going and energize your festive mood. Why start your shopping in a huge, daunting  shopping centre? This beautiful setting full of plants, trees and flowers is far more idyllic. In true Nicholsons fashion these fair promises to be a festive event for all the family.

Next week we are continuing our Oxford Christmas Company week(s) with some hidden gems and updates for the Christmas Fair. Make sure you follow both Rosara and Oxford Christmas Company on Instagram!

Christmas TreesTree with DecorationsTablewarePlant Center


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Chrismas @ Nicholsons: Meet the Oxford Christmas Company

Monday, 19 November 2018 14:30:42 Europe/London

Christmas @ Nicholsons: Meet the Oxford Christmas Company


The Oxford Christmas Company


Christmas is a special time of year for all of us here at Nicholsons. Not only do we love to bask in the holiday cheer, but each year we are joined by our good friends, the Oxford Christmas Company. If you haven’t heard of them yet, read on for an introduction …

Lee & Lisa

This husband-wife dream team are the picture of what this time of year is all about in the retail world: friendly, enthusiastic, and passionate about all things ‘Christmas’. With over a decade of experience behind them, it is safe to say that Lee Sugden and Lisa Fitzgibbon-Smythe are somewhat experts when it comes to this. During the long, non-Christmas months, the pair team up again to run their own garden company and know all about the importance of plant quality and style. However, each November, the re-emergence of ‘The Oxford Christmas Company’ occurs like a Christmas miracle!

What do they offer?

Christmas Trees

To put it simply, the most fantastic range of products you are likely to see in this festive period! For example, they provide premium, A-grade British Christmas trees from the Cadeby Trust in Norfolk. Do you want to pick your own tree, have it delivered to your door and then set up in your home, ready for you to decorate? The Oxford Christmas Company can do just that. Want to select the best decorations of lights, stands and accessories to complement your individually named tree? The Oxford Christmas Company can do just that!

Where are they?

Luckily for all of us, they are based right here at Rosara HQ, Nicholsons, all the way up to 4.30pm on 22nd December when we close our doors for Christmas. The Oxford Christmas Company, just like last year, will also be one of our great artisan suppliers during our Christmas Fair on the 1st of December. On top of this, the Oxford Christmas Company are doing a Rosara Instagram  takeover on Wednesday the 28th to showcase a little more about what they offer.

If you cannot make it down to visit The Oxford Christmas Company here, don’t worry! They have a brand-new website which showcases all their products and options online for you to buy, right at your fingertips.

 Christmas @ Nicholsons

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Meet the Team: Jessica Latham-Warde

Wednesday, 31 October 2018 14:06:25 Europe/London

Clay Pigeons, Planting Trees and Dreams of a Cotswold Home

We recently sat down with our Rosara manager Jess to have a little chat and get to know her better

Jess at Chatsworth 2017

So Jess, I understand you have been with Nicholsons for a while; could you let us know a little bit about what you were doing before you took charge of Rosara? 

Gosh it seems like a lifetime ago! I started working with a team planting large trees – lots of organising diggers, cranes and concrete breakers. Then when the concept of Rosara was born, I was brought in to help run the day to day logistics. Now, we have a small team split into Buying, Marketing, Warehousing and Styling. Rosara is a fast-paced company, it’s always buzzing with new items, concepts and customers so there is never a dull moment!

The Team at Chatsworth 2017

Now Rosara has seen some pretty great success, what would be your personal highlight?

The shows are my firm highlights each year – seeing a stand coming together is so exciting, and then being out meeting customers as well as visiting some beautiful places. Hampton Court Palace, Blenheim Palace, Chatsworth House… Come rain or shine, this is by far my favourite bit of the job!  

 Ok so moving away from your work life, I hear you have a very rural Oxfordshire type hobby, could you let us know what that is?

I dabble in a bit of clay pigeon shooting!

  So how did you get into shooting?

I am generally quite a competitive person, so after having a couple of go’s for friend’s birthdays I really started to love the challenge. It requires concentration, self-discipline and perseverance. What better than being outside on a cold winter’s day, wellies on partaking in a bit of light hearted competition…

So If the Rosara story was adapted into a book/film what genre would it fall under and who do you see playing you?

So I am thinking Superhero film… Saving the world from ugly furniture!

Ok quick fire round, Go: Early bird or night owl?

Night owl… Until 11pm.


What is for your favourite flower, Plant or Tree?

I can’t choose so flower: Large White Alliums; and tree: Catalpa bignonioides or a knarly olive tree.

 What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Don’t worry about what people think of you.

 Which historical figure would you most like to have dinner with and why?

I never liked History… But one story that stuck in my mind from a university lecture was of Alfred Wegener. A German scientist who made 4 expeditions to unknown territories in the North pole, and was rejected for his theory on tectonic plates. I would love to tell him that he was in fact correct and The Wegener theory is now part of school syllabuses all over the world!

So In 5 years’ time where do you see yourself and/or Rosara?

In 5 years, hopefully I’ll have a family home in the Cotswolds, a couple of Cocker Spaniels and have perfected cooking a Sunday Roast dinner (which I have never made!). I would love in 5 years’ time for Rosara to have a few select shops in the UK – with a unique range of high quality products that make people excited when they come in – inspiring people and offering something new. That’s what I’m passionate about.



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End of summer and how to save items from damage

Friday, 12 October 2018 15:35:03 Europe/London

CHARLBURY OAK STOOLSadly. I have failed to find a stirring song or poem about oak, teak or aluminium to get you excited. Unsurprisingly, there is nothing very lyrical or poetic about protecting your furniture. It is, quite frankly, an essential part of ensuring your furniture looks good and lasts longer. Who doesn’t want to save money? So, follow the advice in this blog, and you may have that little bit extra to splash on your next purchase.


Oak is a strong, heavy and durable wood. It is also very dense which makes it usefully resistant to fungal attack. Thanks to these properties, as well as its attractive light colour and grain markings, oak is commonly used for outdoor furniture which makes it important that we know how to protect it.

Fun facts:

Point for high alert:

OakFor those of you who have spotted some splits and cracks in your ‘Charlbury Oak stool’ and ‘Long Compton Oak Table’ DO NOT FRET! These cracks are normal and wholly natural. 

Just to remind you, here at Nicholson’s we have a 3-year warranty on all of our oak furniture so if you do discover a true structural fault bring the item back to us and we will either fix it or provide you with a new one. 

Top tips on how to protect oak:

This is outdoor furniture material royalty. Oak is actually a very low-maintenance material and it is not necessary to treat them. We recommend letting the oak weather naturally by leaving it untreated, which will weather to a silver colour. Alternatively to retain the honey colour of the oak, you can treat annually with Osmo oil. Hand-washing oak with soapy water prevents algae build up. Make sure you don’t leave the oak to soak. You get out what you put in people!


Fun Facts:

Teak is one of nature’s most durable woods. Due to its natural oils and minerals, this is a repellent against insects, as well as being weather resistant. 

Furniture made of teak can be left out over the year but we recommend keeping it covered when it isn’t being used just to be extra careful. Make sure you keep airflow under the cover though- it isn’t just living things that need to breathe. As with the oak, the colour will silver if left untreated. 


This is a strong, versatile and environmentally sustainable material. There is a lot of chemistry behind this, involving big words like oxidisation, which I won’t go into (I seriously struggled through GCSE Chemistry). All you need to know is that this is a great material for garden furniture.

Fun facts:

Maintenance of this material is very low. Our chairs are made from powder coated with die-cast aluminium so they can be left outdoors all year long, and all they need is just a wipe down with a soapy clean soft sponge. How easy is that!

Remember the 2-year guarantee if you find a structural fault with your purchase. We always love to see our customers again, even if it is to fix something!

So, follow these easy, fool-proof methods and you will maintain wonderfully coloured and clean garden furniture! 

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Don't give up on BBQ season yet!

Tuesday, 18 September 2018 10:07:14 Europe/London

We’ve all heard of Heston Blumenthal, world-renowned for his rule-breaking, creative and scientific cooking. From egg and bacon ice cream and meat fruit, to edible fairy lights and snail porridge, he has created some wonderfully deceptive and unusual recipes.

Heston Blumenthal recipe 1Heston Blumenthal recipe 2









A little more usual, but equally delicious, are Heston’s steak with wild garlic chimichurri and honey-mustard pork ribs and we have the pleasure here at Rosara of selling his new range of barbeques. Heston worked closely with designers and engineers to create this innovative new range of the perfect modern barbeque. Never one to do things by the book, he has used the latest technology and design to enable anyone who loves barbeque cooking to add a flair to their outdoor performance and show off their barbeque skills!

‘Over 20 years I’ve learnt how to get the best out of ingredients. By incorporating some of my favourite techniques into these designs, I’ve created what some might call a 3 Michelin star barbeque range’  Heston

BBQ product Shot

We are now offering 20% off all items for a limited time only so come on over and grab one of these pieces of stylish cooking equipment crafted with precision, skill and creativity. Whether you are, or know, one of those guys who loves to flex their muscles with the burger turner and brag to friends and family about their skill at cooking ‘perfect’ medium-rare ribs, these barbeques are an ideal purchase for you.

We all know that pre-summer party stress when the barbeque isn’t heating up fast enough and the raw burger patties and sausages are waiting painstakingly on the side. Avoid this by bagging one of these efficient and lightning-fast barbeques at a Rosara reduced price. From the quick-starting charcoal Hub that is ready to cook in 10 minutes, to the even faster gas-fired furnace ready to cook in just 5 minutes, these machines are no slow-coaches.

Ideal for family trips to sunny Devonshire beaches or a more adventurous camper-van tour around Europe, we are even offering the portable Cube barbeque which enables easy charcoal cooking on the go. With its built-in heat protection shield to prevent any nasty burns and availability in a range of contemporary colours, this barbeque will make any holiday-goer stand out fashionably from the crowd.

Just because work has now commenced and there’s no longer a 2-week trip to Portugal on the horizon doesn’t mean you need to put your barbeque away in the dusty garden shed. We are expecting some wonderful September evenings so come over to buy one of these barbeques and get everyone together for a stress-free, jolly evening of perfectly-cooked meat and fish.

Using these barbeques, you don’t need to cook Heston’s advanced ham with maple-mustard glaze or his Jamaican turkey with chorizo stuffing to create a delicious dinner. Even just the bog-standard burger with melted cheddar, lettuce and tomato will taste all the more delicious if you can cook it to perfection and feel at ease whilst doing so!

If you want to perfect the art of outdoor cooking and enjoy some quality time with friends and family, the purchase of one of these barbeques at a 20% sale price is a must. Click here to have a look at the range. You won’t be able to resist one of these swanky items!


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Sun sun sun

Thursday, 5 July 2018 15:23:08 Europe/London

Now I’m going to stick my neck out here, and say that summer has arrived. (Fingers crossed I haven’t jinxed the weather for the rest of the summer)! ,

Forget about bringing the outside in! To make the most of your outside space you need to treat it as another room and take the inside out.

Liz's Hammock

The time has come to move outside, arrange the garden furniture, buy a hammock maybe? Bring out the cushions and lanterns then sit back and enjoy that glass of Rosé.

Mediterranean feel

Keep it informal, adding vintage finds, thoughtfully placed lanterns, flowers and throws to create an eclectic relaxed feel.

Pick up a rug for all seasons, in-store at Rosara. The current trend in these polypropylene rugs, which are terrific for high-traffic areas, and muddy messes are also hoseable, scrubbable, bleachable and UV-treated for outdoor use. Aside from looking great, these woven rugs will stand up to most foot and paw tread both inside and out!

Pop into rosara and be inspired!

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